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Substitute Positions

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The Substitute Teacher position serves to fill in regularly for teacher and aide absences.

The Substitute Nurse position is responsible for providing health services at the assigned location in the absence of the regular nurse. 

Applicant Requirements

If you're ready to pursue one of our substitute positions, you can create and complete an application online. An e-mail address is required to apply. Once your account has been created, you may return to update your application, add attachments, or view your application. Be sure to keep a record of your login and password information. All applicants must be US citizens or have a Work Visa or Work Permit.

Application Process:

There are two parts to the application process. First, complete the My Profile Section and second, review Job Listings and apply to any job(s) of interest. (Part 1: My Profile and Part 2: Job Listings to Apply).
Note: You may have more than one application if you apply for more than one vacant position. A separate application is needed for each position of interest. Update your Profile and Application as needed (i.e. upload documents such as a resume to your profile)

Applicants interested in applying to be a Substitute may apply at any time throughout the year.