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Hello, this is Penny Rogers at Washington Center with your weekly update. It appears that fall is here at last, so we are all enjoying a little cooler weather. This week classes got started on their community based training and we had groups going to Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart and Fisher’s Orchard, as well as to bowling and swimming. Today we were treated to a performance of “Junie B Jones I Am Not a Crook” by a group from the Children’s Little Theater and lunch was served at our Sea Gull Grill. On Wednesday, the PTA brought in lunch from Zoe’s, and on Tuesday the staff surprised me with gifts and cards for Boss’s Day. Also, we had our earthquake awareness drill on Thursday. Click here to continue


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Let's Learn About the Beach

Who loves the beach?  Students in Mrs. Kim Poole’s classroom at Washington Center do!  They are studying geographic features of South Carolina such as mountains and beaches.  Students listened to the sound of ocean waves, dug their fingers in some sand, and tasted salty water as they talked about the coast of South Carolina. Click here to continue

October Seagull Express

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School Messenger

Hello, this is Penny Rogers at Washington Center with your week’s review. We had a very nice visit today from a group of eight folks from the Florence school district. They had many positive things to say about our staff members and students; and, several commented on the commitment that was evident in each classroom. They all especially loved our multi-sensory room and our nature trail. Click here to continue

Rolling Multisensory Board

Washington Center School couldn’t be more thankful for the generous community members that support the school in many ways. Recently, community volunteer David Durbin built a wooden rolling stand for a multisensory board used by Mrs. Ryana Wilson’s students. Click here to continue

Challenge Day

Washington Center students, families, friends and staff celebrated the 26th annual Challenge Day on the Bob Jones University campus. Challenge Day is designated as the Special Olympic Developmental Games created specifically for Washington Center’s students. The Greenville County Recreation Department helps to coordinate and sponsor the event along with community business support. The rousing Parade of Athletes opened the event and participants were welcomed by John Matthews, Bob Jones University Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations, Traci Hogan, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Services, and Dr. Penny Rogers, Washington Center Principal. Click here to continue

Whisper, Talk, Shout, and Sing

Students in Mrs. Julie Dail’s Washington Center music classes have been learning how to use their voices in 4 different ways and/or to recognize these sounds in the voices of others around them. Students began their learning by singing and moving to a song, “Whisper, Talk, and Shout, and Sing.” As the Quavermusic song played, the teacher modeled sign language for each of the 4 voices and encouraged students to do the same. Click to continue

Rain Clouds

Students in Mary Grace Orr’s Washington Center class are working their way through the alphabet each week. An intense study of the letter is done through literacy activities, science activities, cooking projects, and sensory activities. This week, the students are studying the letter C. Click here to continue

About Us

Washington Center is a separate school facility for students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.  Students are served on a specifically designed campus where there are 18 classrooms.  Additional space includes cafeteria, student kitchen, greenhouse, gym, media center, therapy rooms, multisensory suite, adapted playground, nature trail, nurse’s station, and administrative offices.  All students are served by classroom teachers as well as by instructors in the areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, Daily Living, Library, and Environmental Science.  The staff also includes para-professionals, nurses, and therapists (occupational, physical, and speech).