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Getting Ready for Spring

Students in Mrs. Sarah Tanner’s Washington Center class are learning about spring. Students have been investigating weather conditions that occur in spring including wind and rain. Click here to read more about Getting Ready for Spring

Links to Websites

Here are a few of the websites that teachers use during the day. Click here to view the live document

Good Morning Song 

Morning Stretch (Dr. Jean Video)

Hand Washing Song

Days of the Week Song (Identify the Current Day) 

Count the Days of the Month (Number Rock)

WYFF Weather (Identify Current Weather)

Color Song (Identify Colors)

Shape Song (Identify Shape)

Starfall Calendar (updated daily)


Storyline Online


Learning at the Upcountry History Museum

Students in Ms. Amy Garbe’s and Ms. Virginia Cook’s Washington Center classes went on a Community Based Instruction (CBI) trip to the Upcountry History Museum.  Students had the opportunity to travel to an “Amazing Castle”, and the chance to travel back in time to a medieval village filled with opportunities for problem-solving, storytelling and imaginative play. Click here to read more about Learning at the Upcountry History Museum

Coronavirus Monitoring & Response Bulletin

Click here to read Greenville County School's Coronavirus Monitoring and Reponse Bulletin

Valentine's Day Video 2020

Click here to watch our 2020 Valentine's Day Pageant

About Us

Washington Center is a separate school facility for students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.  Students are served on a specifically designed campus where there are 18 classrooms.  Additional space includes cafeteria, student kitchen, greenhouse, gym, media center, therapy rooms, multisensory suite, adapted playground, nature trail, nurse’s station, and administrative offices.  All students are served by classroom teachers as well as by instructors in the areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, Daily Living, Library, and Environmental Science.  The staff also includes para-professionals, nurses, and therapists (occupational, physical, and speech).