Student Services - Social Work Services

Social Work Services


Assist students to attain maximum academic benefits from the school program


  • Strengthen and support the learning process by identifying, assessing and resolving barriers that interfere with a students academic achievement, attendance and school adjustment
  • Maximize educational opportunity for all students
  • Promote and enhance services that strengthen the home, school and community partnerships

Services Provided by School Social Workers:

  • Arrange parent conferences, including transportation, if needed
  • Assist in securing clothes, shoes and medical care for students
  • Connect parents to appropriate community agencies
  • Serve as a liaison between the home, school and community
  • Promote regular attendance through early interventions
  • Provide information on child abuse & neglect
  • Consult and collaborate with school personnel
  • Develop and provide training and educational programs for parents and school staff

Contact Us

Ken Arnold, Director of Attendance and Social Work
(O) 355-2064 | FAX 355-9659 |

Rosa Gonzalez, LMSW, Lead Social Worker
(O) 355-2079 | FAX: 355-9225 | Cell Phone: 449-3300 |

Tracie Mills, Secretary