Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2014

  • Mike Hall, Plant Engineer, Greenbrier ElementaryThe Operations and Maintenance Departments provide regular upkeep to school facilities. About 720 staff members are responsible for maintaining all physical aspects of the 100 facilities that encompass more than 12 million square feet in Greenville County Schools. Employees include groundskeepers, electricians, HVAC technicians, warehouse staff, and managers.

Mike Hall, Plant Engineer, Greenbrier Elementary
Mike Hall has the responsibility of directing traffic in the mornings. “I greet every parent in the car line with a ‘good morning’ or ‘have a good day,’” he said. “I give a big thank you when I have to stop a car to let someone by. In my own little way, this is teaching by example,” he said.

A parent in the car line salutes Mike every day out of respect, and the salute is returned. “I asked him what branch of the military he was in. To my surprise, he said, ‘No, I do not serve in the military! I salute YOU! Rain or shine, hot or cold, you always greet me with a smile and take care of my child.’ That brought a tear to my eye,” said Mike.

Roger Foster, Lead Foreman, Operations and Maintenance DepartmentRoger Foster, Lead Foreman, Operations and Maintenance Department
As Lead Foreman, Roger Foster manages 125 employees and is responsible for project management. He is also the District’s Certified Indoor Environmentalist. “One of the favorite parts of my job is investigating indoor air-quality issues. That involves going into a building and determining what's in the air,” he said. Roger has been in maintenance for almost 35 years, and has served GSC for 10 years.

“We take pride in providing a high-quality learning environment for our students,” he said. “When you are making a difference, it makes it enjoyable to come to work!”

Chris Young, WarehouseChris Young, Warehouse
Chris Young has worked for Greenville County Schools as a Warehouser for almost nine years. His job involves the logistics that keep GCS moving. “I enjoy working for the school district! I love being able to get up in the morning and come to work and be productive.” Making deliveries allows him the chance to visit schools across the district. From working with the GCS courier to delivering textbooks, Chris knows his job makes a difference and impacts children in the classrooms. He enjoys working with the great group of people in the warehouse, and says, "I absolutely love my job and wouldn't change it for anything in the world!"?

Monday - School Support Staff Appreciation Day

Tuesday - Bus Transportation Appreciation Day

Wednesday - - Educator Appreciation Day

Greenville County Schools Celebrates American Education Week

November 17-21 Recognizes Public School Employees

Greenville County Schools will celebrate American Education Week with other schools and districts across the nation during the week of November 17-21. The theme, Raise Your Hand for Student Success! reinforces the fact that all employees, from teachers to food service to custodians, are actively involved in provide a quality education for our students.

Greenville County Schools, the nation’s 45th largest school district, understands and encourages the active involvement of parents, volunteers, and the community as our more than 5,000 teachers inspire young people to reach for the stars and build plans for their futures.

Schools will host special events during the week to spotlight teachers and other staff. Parents and other community members are invited to visit a local school to observe the outstanding students, staff and programs of Greenville County Schools.

About Greenville County Schools

Nationally Accredited School District

  • Greenville County Schools received National Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, recognizing the school system as a high quality school district and granting full accreditation to the school district and all of its schools.
  • Largest District in SC; 45th Largest in Nation
  • More than 72,000 Students in Grades K-12

Student Facts

  • The GCS Class of 2014 received $113.9 million in college scholarships.
  • About 10,000 students (15%) attend school on choice, making GCS the state leader.
  • GCS students consistently outperform the state and nation on the ACT college entrance test.

Employee Facts

  • About 9,500 Employees; About 5,000 Teachers
  • 99% of teachers are highly qualified content experts.
  • GCS boasts more National Board Certified Teachers (659) than 24 states, and we rank 14th of 14,000 school districts in the nation for total number of NBCTs.

Schools - 100

  • Elementary - 51
  • Middle - 20
  • High - 14
  • Centers - 17 (Career, Child Development, Special)

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