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Mission Statement

The mission of Internal Auditing Services is to assist members of management and the Board of Trustees in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. Internal Auditing Services will furnish analyses, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning activities reviewed.

Our mission is also to provide an independent, objective, and comprehensive auditing program; to advance accountability through the provision of assurance and consulting services; and to proactively work with appointed officials in identifying risks, evaluating controls, and making recommendations that promote economical, efficient, and effective delivery of District services.

This mission statement conveys our goal to be responsive and responsible to the District, to provide a broad scope of work, and to maintain a positive and professional relationship with management. Just as The Institute of Internal Auditors’ Framework for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing is built around the definition of internal auditing, our approach to audit work stems from and is guided by our mission statement. The statement expresses our desire to maintain the trust of the District as its primary, neutral, independent, and objective monitor of management actions, as well as our commitment to add value by helping management achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Organization and Contact Information

Internal Auditing Services staff is directed by the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), who reports administratively to the Deputy Superintendent but functionally to the Board of Trustees thereby ensuring the degree of independence essential to the effectiveness of internal auditing.

Contact Information

Phone: 864-355-8287

Internal Auditing Services 
Greenville County Schools
M.T. Anderson Support Center
100 Blassingame Road
Greenville, SC, 29605

Internal Auditing Services Staff

Anita Geter, Chief Audit Executive
Mel Champlin, Internal Auditor
Rayanne Blevins, Internal Auditor