PTSA Reflections 2022

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The Reflections Program inspires students to reflect on a specific theme and create original pieces of art. The theme for this year's PTA Reflections program is "Show Your Voice!" All Wade students are eligible to enter Reflections. Start thinking of ideas and stay tuned for an announcement coming soon with the deadline, program rules, our digital entry form! 


We are proud to announce the results from the District and State PTA Reflections program!

Our school fielded first-place winners in each category. They advanced to the District and State Reflections programs, where they also received additional honors!

1st Place: Sania Williams (Award of Merit at the District and State Level)
2nd Place: Ava Schneider
3rd Place: Harper Bright
Honorable Mention: Sophia Savage

Visual Arts 
1st Place: Karis King (Award of Merit at the District Level)
2nd Place: Grace Peters
3rd Place: Grace Peters
Honorable Mention: Dorrell Howard

Music Composition 
1st Place: Victoria Olson (Award of Excellence at the District and State Level)
2nd Place: Poppy Hinson
3rd Place: Victoria Olson
Honorable Mention: David Ropp

1st Place: Nolan Childers (Award of Merit at the District and State Level)
2nd Place: Denae Benton
3rd Place: Anna Rivard
Honorable Mention: Roman Brannon


Please see the Student/Parent link on the WHHS home page for additional information and the online link for the entry form.

Deadline to enter is Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Winners and cash prizes for the school level will be announced in late January 2023. The winning artists in each category will receive a gift card and be recognized at Awards Day in the Spring.

You can enter in as many categories and as many times as you wish.  

  • Each entry must be accompanied by a Student Entry Form that is completed online.  
  • Size restrictions for photography and visual arts apply.  
  • Time and size restrictions apply for dance and music entries.  
  • Word limits apply for literature.  
  • The SCPTA Reflections Packet must be filled out by the student, signed by a parent or guardian, and uploaded to the Online Entry Form linked at the bottom of the page. (essentially filling out 2 forms per entry)
  • SCPTA Reflections Packet 22-23 

22-23 Reflections Category Rules

Dance Choreography

Film Production


Music Composition


Visual Arts

Special Artists Division

Reglas para estudiantes (PDF)

Winners and cash prizes for the school level will be announced in December before Winter Break.  

District, State and National Level competitions take place early 2023.

  • Have you completed the SCPTA Reflections Packet?
  • Has it been signed?

Online Entry Form