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Early Dismissal Policy

Early dismissals will not be accepted over the phone. A student may receive an early dismissal in the following two ways. 

  1. A parent/guardian (must be listed in PowerSchool) may come in person to the office with their driver's license to sign a student out early.
  2. The student may bring a note with the early dismissal request signed by their parent/guardian to the Enoree attendance clerk before class starts. The early dismissal must be confirmed with the person who wrote the note by phone before we allow the early dismissal. 

2021-2022 Application Offers

Thank you to all who have applied for our classes for the 2021-2022 academic year! 

Everyone who applied will receive an email on Friday, April 2, 2021.  The email will instruct you to go to the “Backpack” portal (www.gcsbackpack.com) and log in to see IF you have an offer.  

There will be three possible responses in the Backpack system: ACCEPT/DECLINE OFFER, WAITLISTED and APPLICATION DECLINED. 

ACCEPT/DECLINE OFFER :  If a student is accepted, they will need to reply by clicking on “OFFER ACCEPTED” or “OFFER DECLINED” by April 16,2021.
WAITLISTED :  As seats open up in classes, we will move through the waitlist.  If you are moved from the waitlist to the accepted list, you will receive another email instructing you to log into the Backpack portal.  This waitlist is active until the beginning of school in August. There will not be a numerical list of waitlisted students available, so we will not be able to answer questions about what number you are on the waitlist. 
APPLICATION DECLINED : If your response in the Backpack is “Application Declined,” you were not accepted this year.  You are encouraged to apply again for the 2022-2023 school year, if possible.

*Current students enrolled in the first year of a career program at Enoree will not receive an offer through the Backpack portal, even if you submitted an application. (You will get an "application declined" status, but disregard that.)  All recommendations for year 2 or year 3 students were handled through the registration process at your home high schools.  The Backpack application system was for NEW students in 2021-22 only. 


If your student is having trouble logging into his or her Chromebook, please call 355-HELP (355-4357), email 355-HELP@greenville.k12.sc.us , or visit the Chromebook Support page on the Greenville County Schools website. For assistance, you may stop by Enoree, or any career center, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday - Thursday.  Do not enter the building. At Enoree, park in one of the first two parking spaces in the row of parking that is on the right when driving into the parking lot.  Someone will come out to assist you.  

Graduation Verification/Records Requests

Enoree Career Center does not house any records for previous graduates. No one at Enoree can verify graduation for employment or provide copies of records.  This can only be obtained from the high school or from the Information Assurance office.   If it has been 5 years or less since the student attended, the student should contact the high school directly.  If it has been more than 5 years since the student attended, the student must complete a Student Transcript / Records Request form and submit with payment by mail or in person. Go to the Information Assurance page for the mailing address or more information.