Career Academy

One semester program for students in the 9th grade

The CTE Exploratory course is designed to provide students with an introduction to a variety of Career and Technology Education coursework and career opportunities. The purpose of the Profession and Leadership Development course is to help students develop leadership skills necessary for success in business and industry. Concepts for the course include goal setting, motivation, team building, time management, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, ethics, and diversity.  Students will also learn basic financial literacy skills to help them make responsible financial decisions, including topics such as financial planning, bank accounts, credit and loans, wages and taxes, investments, and insurance.

The career exploratory is a one semester course. Students attend the AM or PM session during first or second semester. It is two class periods on their high school schedule. 

  Career Exploratory      

  One semester

  2 high school credits

  Grade: 9th or 10th 

NOTE:    Credits earned will count as electives needed for the SC high school graduation requirements.  One of the credits earned may fulfill the CATE/Foreign Language requirement for SC high school graduation. Most 4-year colleges will NOT accept career center courses as a substitute for the foreign language college admissions requirement.