Two-year program

This course is based on the learning objectives listed in IFSTA ís Essentials of Fire Fighting, 6th Edition (2013), Stillwater, OK: Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University. These objectives have been further modified by the South Carolina Fire Academy to meet the needs of the South Carolina fire service. Course completion alone does not meet the criteria for achieving national certification for Fire Fighter I. National-level firefighter certification testing is separate. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes minimum standards for various levels of fire service certification. Requirements for meeting NFPA 1001 (2013), Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, can be viewed online at This course is offered only at a GCS career center. Student must apply through admission process.

*Students must be 16 years old before beginning this course.  

One Page Course Information Sheet


    Firefighting Year 1       Firefighting Year 2
    Full Year: 4 high school credits     Full Year: 4 high school credits
    Morning Session: 9:00 AM - 11:40 AM     Afternoon Session: 12:45 PM - 3:25 PM
    Grades: 10th or 11th     Grades: 11th or 12th


NOTE:  Credits earned will count as electives needed for the SC high school graduation requirements.  One of the six credits earned may fulfill the CATE/Foreign Language requirement for SC high school graduation. Most 4-year colleges will NOT accept career center courses as a substitute for the foreign language college admissions requirement.