Culinary Arts

Two-year program

Culinary Arts serves as the introduction to the study of the food service industry. Students who enjoy working with food and are willing to study and practice the techniques of cooking will have greater success at employment upon completion. All aspects of the industry and potential careers, equipment use and upkeep, food preparation and service, food storage, ordering, and work simplification are covered in this program. Students will receive practical and theoretical experiences so that competence in each area will be obtained. This course is offered only at a GCS career center. Student must apply through admission process. See counselor at the high school or the career center for information.

One Page Information Sheet


    Culinary Management I           Culinary Management II        
    Course number: 572010CT     Course number: 572111CT
    Full Year: 3 high school credits     Full Year: 3 high school credits
    Morning Session: 9:00 AM - 11:20 AM     Afternoon Session: 12:45 PM - 3:15 PM
    Grades: 10th or 11th     Grades: 11th or 12th


NOTE:  Six high school credits will be earned in the two-year program.  Credits earned will count as electives needed for the SC high school graduation requirements.  One of the six credits earned may fulfill the CATE/Foreign Language requirement for SC high school graduation. Most 4-year colleges will NOT accept career center courses as a substitute for the foreign language college admissions requirement.