Applying to Enoree

* Current Enoree CC students returning to the same program do NOT need to reapply *

Application Considerations

Academics, attendance, and discipline are key factors when considering potential offers and are reviewed for each applicant.  Students are encouraged to use the student statement portion of the application to showcase their interest, how the program fits with their career goals, and what unique qualities they might bring to our programs.  Please note that acceptance is not based on first come, first served.  However, if a course has more applicants than available seats, the date the student completed the application could be considered.

Rising 9th Grade Students (Current 8th Graders)

Rising 9th-grade students are eligible to apply for our Career Exploratory program.  Due to age requirements and other prerequisites, rising 9th-grade students will not be accepted into our career programs until they have completed their 9th-grade required courses and have advanced to the 10th grade.  Career Exploratory is a one-semester, two-credit course in which students earn one credit for Career Exploratory and one credit for Personal Finance.  The Personal Finance credit allows students to earn and meet the State Graduation Requirement.

Rising 10th-grade Students

Enoree Career Center will be accepting rising 10th-grade students into the following 2-year programs:

* Note Cosmetology IS NOT available to rising 10th-grade students.

Rising 11th-grade Students

Enoree Career Center will be accepting rising 11th-grade students into the following 2-year programs:

Application Calendar

How to Apply

Students Currently Attending a Greenville County School:

Students NOT attending a Greenville County School: