Wade Hampton High School is a 9th through 12th grade high school located on Pine Knoll Drive, right off of well known Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greenville, SC. Wade Hampton High school has a tradition of excellence in athletics, academics and arts. The tradition of excellence has been a goal for the students of WHHS for over 50 years, and continues with each graduating class. Please feel free to use the links below to find out more about Wade Hampton and its programs.

MThe mission of WHHS is to Educate, Inspire and Empower.

PThe purpose of WHHS is to educate and inspire students to become responsible, discerning, productive citizens empowered to change the world.

VOur vision centers on a shared philosophy that we must serve our diverse student body with a personalized plan for all students beginning at their current academic level and guiding them to graduation and beyond, fully prepared and confident to contribute to society.

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We look forward to hearing from you with your questions or comments about our site, or about our school. Please use the numbers below or the email below.

V Wade Hampton High School
100 Pine Knoll Drive
Greenville, SC 29609-3298
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P (864) 355-0100 - Automated
(864) 355-0102 - Main Line Receptionist
(864) 355-0194 - Administrative Fax

E scarter@greenville.k12.sc.us - Freshmen Academy
elwillia@greenville.k12.sc.us - Principal

School Pride

Wade Hampton High School has a long, proud history.

AWe love Wade Hampton High, Our Alma Mater Dear The Red and Gray are colors; That we always will revere; The dusty web of time, Shall never dim her light; For it is held aloft by those, Who cherish truth and right. We love Wade Hampton High, Our Alma Mater Dear The Red and Gray are colors; That we always will revere; The dusty web of time, Shall never dim her light; For it is held aloft by those, Who cherish truth and right. As years come and go, Our love will here remain; Re-echoing throughout the halls, The glory of her fame. Our hearts will swell with pride, And ever grateful be; We pledge anew, Wade Hampton High; Our love and loyalty..

SOur seal represents who we are and what we stand for at Wade Hampton High School. This seal references the four areas in which we strive for excellence: scholarship, heritage, involvement, and values. It is these four character traits we feel the former General, Governor, and Senator Wade Hampton exemplified in the course of his life and that we try to emulate during our four years at Wade Hampton. Scholarship is represented through a lamp and graduation diploma. The lamp is a symbol for the knowledge gained while in school. The diploma signifies the culmination of the education received at Wade Hampton High School. We take great pride in high academic achievements and consistently strive to attain such honors. As much as we appreciate academic achievement, we also take great pride and honor in our school’s heritage. The top of the diamond shaped seal displays the hat of General Wade Hampton, our school’s namesake. A stripe through the center of the diamond seal has three stars on each side of the “WH” logo. These three stars designate the General’s three-star rank and, thus, gives us our school’s nickname and mascot, “The Generals.” Along with our emphasis on academics and the pride we have in our citizenship and leadership heritage, our extracurricular involvement is symbolized in the bottom of the diamond seal. Our outstanding athletic program is represented by the winged shoe. The theatre masks of comedy and tragedy symbolize our exemplary fine arts program. Student participation and involvement in clubs, school government, athletics, and fine arts are key features at Wade Hampton High School. Through this involvement in these extracurricular activities, students learn to achieve and assimilate character traits necessary for productive citizenship in our American culture. The values of Wade Hampton are expressed in the seal located on the front of the handbook. The State and American flags are representative of General Hampton’s loyalty and service to state and country as a governor and senator respectively. Likewise, we strive to serve our fellow man through selfless service and loyalty to our state and nation. The State flag also stands for Wade Hampton’s devoted loyalty to South Carolina through all of its turmoil and strife, eventually becoming its governor and senator. We, here, will always remain loyal to our alma mater, state and nation. Finally, the gavel in the seal symbolizes leadership. Leadership is the ultimate aim of all the training and experiences we offer at Wade Hampton High School. By holding to these values—exemplified by Wade Hampton—we create loyal students ready to be citizens who will serve and lead their community in the future. Located behind the shield are two swords, the tools of General Wade Hampton. Surrounding the shield are phrases that exemplify our school. Cum Audacia is the school motto meaning “with audacity.” Leading like Generals is the slogan of our school. It is this motto and slogan that we strive to embed in the minds of all students who attend and graduate from Wade Hampton. Our scholarship, heritage, involvement, and values—the four areas in which we strive for excellence at Wade Hampton—are represented on the seal. Our seal signifies who we are and what we stand for at Wade Hampton High School