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Destination Return to School

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The goal of the GCS administration is to return to in-person school five days a week, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Attendance Plan 2 in Effect

Based on continued improvement to the Greenville County Spread Data metrics as reported by DHEC, and absent a dramatic and negative swing in spread data over the next week, Greenville County Schools will move to Attendance Plan 2 the week of September 7.  Under this plan, students attend in-person school two days a week and are on eLearning the other three.  Approximately 50% of students are in the building each day.

Under Attendance Plan 2, the Blue and Green students attend in-person school on Monday and Wednesday, while Red and Purple students attend in-person on Tuesday and Thursday.  All students are on eLearning on Friday.

GCS does not announce the Attendance Plan weekly.  We only make announcements about the Attendance Plan when it changes.  As a result, starting September 7, Attendance Plan 2 will be in effect until further notice.  The goal of GCS remains a return to full-time, five-day-a-week attendance as soon as it is safe to do so.

Under guidelines produced by the AccelerateED task force, schools should correlate attendance plans to Community Spread levels. In general, as community spread increases, the number of students present in school each day should decrease, down to and including zero. DHEC issues a new community spread rating each Monday. Our Attendance Plan Roadmap provides four possible attendance scenarios for students:  0 days of in-person attendance (also known as eLearning), 1 day of in-person attendance (1/4 of students attend each day, Mon-Thurs), 2 days of in-person attendance (1/2 of students attend each day, Mon-Thurs), and our regular five-day schedule. We are only able to maintain social distance in schools under Attendance Plans 1 and 2.

Parents who need to change their child’s color group due to childcare issues or transportation should complete the form below. Revising student groups is a very complex process, so please use this option only if necessary. Changes are based on space availability on buses and classroom capacity in the school, taking social distancing into consideration. Please allow a few days for changes to be processed.

Covid color codes for attendance Request for Student Change in Group (Color) Assignment

Covid color codes for attendance  Cambio de estudiante en la asignación de grupo (color)

For Answers to Your Questions

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5-Year-Old Kindergarten Waiver

Children who will be five years old on or before September 1 of the current year must enroll in public or private kindergarten unless the parent or legal guardian signs a waiver and turn it in at their home-based (assigned by residence) school.

If a parent chooses to keep their child out of five-year-old kindergarten, the child will begin first grade the following year.

Kindergarten Waiver Form
Formulario de exención de kindergarten

In response to the needs of our community, GCS has added a new full-time virtual option for students in grades 5K-12. You must be enrolled in your assigned school if you plan to register in the GCS Virtual Program. Unlike eLearning, which was implemented under emergency conditions during last spring's school shutdown, students in the Virtual Program will have a normal daily instructional schedule, earn grades, and receive timely teacher feedback in response to class or homework. Teachers experienced in online platforms and virtual instruction will help and support student engagement using live and recorded lessons and tutorials. Because staffing the virtual program requires the removal of teachers from traditional classrooms, we are asking parents to commit to a full year of virtual instruction.  However, if a family requests a transfer back to brick and mortar instruction before or at the semester break (January), we will work for a mid-year transition, so long as appropriate space is available.

GCS Virtual Program WebsiteVirtual Program Supply Lists

Parents are strongly encouraged to create a Backpack account for their children. Greenville County Schools uses Backpack to provide parents with the most recent news and information about our schools. The Backpack for Parents account also provides parents, guardians, or contacts with a central place to sign in to:

  • View their student's information including demographics, attendance, classes, grades, lunch balances, and test scores
  • Apply or register their student to Special Focus schools and programs (Fine Arts Center, Career Centers, etc.)
  • Receive alerts and notifications regarding their students
  • View their student's school and contact information
  • Manage parent and contact information for their students
Greenville County Schools has moved the start-date for the 2020-21 school year from August 17 to August 24, which is one week later than our original plan. The main reason for this change is to allow us time to reconstruct class rosters and allocate teachers in response to the new Virtual Program option. This change in the start-date will not affect the end-date of the school calendar.  Days will be made up by converting our three “snow days” to student attendance days, changing Monday, November 2 to a student attendance day, and changing the teacher workday/student holiday on January 15 to an attendance day. In addition, the Teacher Professional Development Day/Student Holiday on October 19 has been moved to October 23.

7:45 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Greenville County Schools has made a 15-minute shift in the elementary school start time beginning in August to ensure on-time drop off for high school students. By shifting elementary bus rider drop off to 7 a.m. and start the school day at 7:45 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., we are able to add 15 minutes to the window of time buses have to complete secondary routes, without extending the workday for elementary teachers.

New Process for Transportation Request Forms

As we begin the new school year, we are transitioning back to paper Transportation Request Forms that should be turned in at your assigned school. Please download this form and either print it or complete it electronically, save it, and email it to your assigned school. Paper forms are also available at each school.

Transportation Request Form

Nuevo proceso para formularios de solicitud de transporte

Al comenzar el nuevo año escolar, estamos volviendo a los Formularios de solicitud de transporte en papel que deben entregarse en la escuela asignada. Si necesita solicitar transporte, descargue este formulario e imprímalo o complételo electrónicamente, guárdelo y envíelo por correo electrónico a la escuela asignada. Los formularios de solicitud de transporte en papel también están disponibles en cada escuela.

formularios de solicitud de transporte

Each school year. Greenville County Schools are required to notify parents and eligible students (18 years and older) of the rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Pupils Protection of Rights Act (PPRA). Please view the following links to learn your rights.