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Carol Ann Good

Rita Kirven

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Budget for 2020-2021

Proposed Budget

Year Income or Expense Budget Category Line Item Dollar Amount
July 2019 - June 2020        
    General Store Food Sales 17,800.00
    General Store Logo Sales 5,000.00
    Interest   10.00
    PTSA Membership Dues 1,800.00
    PTSA Retail Sales Fundraiser 1,500.00
  Total Income     26,110.00
  Fundraising Expense      
    General Store Food 10,000.00
    General Store Logo 4,800.00
    Spirit Week Expense 300.00
  Total Fundraising Expense     15,100.00
  Membership Expense Expenses    
    District 1 PTA Dues 1,100.00
      Other 60.00
  Total Membership Expense     1,160.00
  Operating Expense      
      Insurance 330.00
  Total Operating Expense     330.00
  School Support Expense      
    School Support Other 1,220.00
    Equipment Needs 500.00
  Total School Support Expense     1,720.00
  Student and Parent Support      
    Boys and Girls State 1,000.00
    Family Fun Fest   2,100.00
    Reflections Contest 200.00
  Total Student and Parent Support   State 3,300.00
  Teacher/Staff Support      
    Teacher Grants 2,500.00
    Teacher/Staff Appreciation 2,000.00
  Total Teacher/Staff Support     4,500.00
  Total Expense     26,110.00
Net Income       0