Posted: Monday, August 10, 2020

Based on the latest guidance from DHEC and local medical professionals regarding the spread of COVID-19, Greenville County Schools will start school on Monday, August 24 on Attendance Plan 1. (See attached chart) Under this plan, students will attend in-person school one day a week and spend the other four days eLearning. As a reminder, students are divided into four color-groups that determine which day of the week they attend. Those whose last names begin with A-D are blue, E-K is red, L-Q is green and R-Z is purple. (Families whose children have different last names can request a change in color assignment to match their siblings. Once approved, the days of the week they attend will be based on that color.) Blue students attend Monday, red students on Tuesday, green on Wednesday and purple on Thursday. On the four days students are NOT physically in school, they will take part in eLearning.

1 Day Attendance PlanThough it is not expected to do so, this decision could change should there be a dramatic, negative shift in the community spread numbers over the next two weeks. DHEC’s Recent Disease Activity, by County, rates Greenville County’s Spread as HIGH overall, with two high and one low ranking in the individual categories:  Incidence Rate – High, Trend in Incident – Low, Percent Positive (Tests) – High.

Students enrolled in our full-time Virtual Program are not affected by this or any other in-person attendance plan.

Attendance Plan 1 Plan de asistencia 1

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