Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2020

It takes a team of dedicated, trustworthy, kind, and responsible individuals to support students with love and compassion. Greenville County Schools is celebrating our school bus drivers, aides, supervisors, and shop personnel February 10-14 during Love the Bus Week. The GCS Transportation Department has nearly 600 employees whose primary responsibilities are to safely transport students from their homes to school and back every school day on buses that are well-maintained and reliable. It’s also a great time to remind the community of the urgent need for school bus drivers. Job Fairs are held monthly during the school year or you can apply online at Greenville County Schools Jobs.

Friday, February 14 - Charlesena Bradley, Special Needs Bus Driver, Donaldson Bus Center, Ella Sadler, Special Needs Bus Aide, Donaldson Bus Center

Charlesena Bradley and Ella Sadler say that they don’t have trouble on their buses because they respect their riders, and the students respect them. These dedicated drivers, who are both 72 years old, have been with Greenville County Schools Transportation collectively for more than 60 years!

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Thursday, February 13 - John Williams, Master Foreman, Donaldson Bus Center

John Williams has the safety of each district-owned school bus in his hands. He is responsible for ensuring that each bus receives an annual maintenance checkup, fixing any problems he finds. He says he does it all “for the children.”

Wednesday, February 12 - Cathy Poole, Area 8 Supervisor, Berea Bus Center

Cathy Poole got her start as a bus driver while still in high school. Today, she is responsible for special needs buses for Area 8, including the nurses that ride the bus with children. She says she is grateful for the people she works with and the teamwork they possess makes her proud to be their supervisor.

Tuesday, February 11 - Dale Allred, GCS Safety Trainer

Dale Allred left a career in the electric utility industry to become a school bus driver. He later moved to the Transportation Safety Office as a trainer. He teaches new drivers the requirements of the South Carolina School Bus Training Course and the skills needed to pass the Commercial Driver’s License test. He is also responsible for annual training for bus drivers to ensure their skills are up-to-date.

Monday, February 10 - Michael Bookbinder, Driver for Taylors Bus Center

Michael Bookbinder tells the story of a student who gave him a note that said he was the only friend she had when she started riding the bus in 6th grade and she appreciated that he listened to her. He’s developed a great rapport with his students and his schools. That’s the impact a bus driver can make.

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