Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sixth grade students at Ralph Chandler Middle School are learning the centuries old art of cross stitch and embroidery. In art class, students are exposed to the work of artist Chuck Close, who works from photographs of his subjects and then grids the canvas into a series of pixels before painting. As a modern tie in, students also go over the use of pixels as small dots that make up images in computer displays.

Students pre-plan for their cross stitch by drawing a pixel version of themselves on graph paper making sure to incorporate details​ and personality. Students use their artistic skills combined with math skills to plot and measure. They use geometric design and symmetry in the pattern. Next, they are ready to cross stitch. It’s slow going at first, but with patience, students begin to see their hard work materialize into something beautiful.

Cross stitching has also opened the door for students to connect with their parents and grandparents. Additionally, students are encouraged to use a cross stitching app which easily allows them to digitally experiment with cross stitch designs at home. Although cross stitching is a new skill and technique for many students really love it!

Cross stitch example female student with two cross stitch examples female student #2 with two cross stitch examples Cross stitch example #2 female student #3 with two cross stitch examples

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