Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Representatives from Heritage Elementary and Tigerville Elementary, along with Superintendent W. Burke Royster, School Board Member Joy Grayson, and Cliffs of Glassy residents gathered atop Glassy Mountain for a back-to-school picnic to celebrate and recognize the Cliffs’ financial contributions and volunteer involvement in both schools. The Cliffs Resident Outreach (CRO) plans to raise $75,000 to fund two key initiatives – education and human services. The CRO’s mission is to provide resources to school children that promote opportunities for lifelong success.

“We are so thankful for everything you do for our school,” said Heritage Principal Heather Hester. “Our theme this year is “On the Trail to Success,” and our students can’t walk on that trail alone. They need people to walk with them. They need their families, teachers, caring adults, and mentors.”

Diane Jackson, principal of Tigerville Elementary, said, “I want you all to know that what you do for our schools financially, but more importantly with our students, you are making a difference. The impact that you leave on our students is immeasurable. I can only simply say ‘thank you.’”

Joy Grayson, School Board member for Area 17, said, “For this community comes together and decide in a very focused and structured way to get in front of the most fragile members of our community is phenomenal.”

“We want all of our students to leave us with not only a high school diploma, but to go directly into the workforce in a good job or a step up on their next step in education,” said GCS Superintendent W. Burke Royster. “What you’re doing helps us to get there and helps us to provide those opportunities for our students. When we all work together we create an environment in which our students can be successful.”

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