Posted: Friday, February 27, 2015

After a knee injury, Hillcrest High School Art instructor Eva Esrum attended physical therapy at Proaxis Physical Therapy of Simpsonville. While there, she enjoyed inspecting display models of bones that showed the workings of the human skeletal system. Her respect for the physical therapy profession increased as she experienced how it aided in her recovery.

Esrum realized that the physical therapy clinic could provide a valuable learning experience for her advanced art students. She developed a plan that included career education, anatomy, and participating in an advertising project pertaining to what students learn. 

Esrum brought her students to Proaxis for information about the physical therapy profession and a brief overview of knee anatomy and pathology. The second phase of the field trip involved learning how to perform certain aspects of a functional movement screening tool and gather a sense of how physical therapists analyze movement to help make clinical decisions. Proaxis therapists demonstrated the movements and provided the students with feedback. The students were then given opportunity to practice and critique each other.

After the field trip, Esrum gave her students a reflection exercise. Senior Kaitlyn Willets wrote, "The part of the field trip I enjoyed most was when we tried different stretches that focused on different muscles. It was interesting seeing how each student did things differently and how a physical therapist could use that information to diagnose and aid a patient. I used to think that physical therapy was helpful even if it could be painful and hated. After watching the presentation, I now see physical therapy as a way of helping others and bringing people closer together for a stronger community."

Proaxis announced that they will offer a $100 prize for the best rendition of an art project using specific problem-solving specifications incorporating bones and muscles. A point of inspiration is the Proaxis motto, "Don't Just Recover. Conquer!"

A panel of judges, which included an orthopedic surgeon, Hillcrest High principal Bryan Skipper, a patient, a physical therapist and several HHS alumni currently working in art-related fields, selected 10 pieces of art to be on display at Proaxis. The awards presentation to announce the winner will be at Proaxis of Simpsonville at Hillcrest Hospital on Monday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m.

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