Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Students from Previous Years Who Did Not Earn Diploma Due to Not Passing Exit Exam Can Appeal for Diploma; Deadline to Submit Petition Form is December 31

Beginning with the Class of 2015, students will no longer be required to pass the state’s high school exit exam to earn a South Carolina diploma.  Also, students in the Classes of 1990 through 2014, who met all graduation requirements except passing the exit exam, may petition for a diploma.

To petition for a diploma a person must:  1) No longer be enrolled in a public school; 2) Have been denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirements (S.C. Code Section 59-18-310(B)); and 3) Complete and sign a Petition Form.

 A completed, signed Petition Form may be submitted by mail to Dr. Jason McCreary, 301 E. Camperdown Way, Greenville, SC 29602, in person at any Greenville County high school or the Central Office, or as an e-mail attachment to Dr. Jason McCreary at

If submitting a petition electronically or by mail, a scanned /copied image of the person’s photo identification must be included.  Incomplete information will delay processing.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing, printing, and delivery.  All petitions must be filed by December 31, 2015.

Click here to download the Petition Form.  For more information about ACT 155, visit this website or contact Dr. Jason McCreary at 864-355-3369.  

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