Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rebecca Pridgeon, Krystal Scott, Lisa Gist, and Gina Owenby – Front Office Staff
Carolina High School and Academy

Rebecca Pridgeon, Krystal Scott, Lisa Gist, and Gina Owenby – Front Office Staff Carolina High School and AcademyThe front office team at Carolina High and Academy is serious about the school’s motto,” Whatever It Takes.”  Staff members are secretary Rebecca Pridgeon, guidance clerk Krystal Scott, bookkeeper Lisa Gist, and attendance clerk Gina Owenby.  These employees work hand-in-hand to meet the needs of their parents, students, faculty, and staff.

Rebecca Pridgeon, who was named last spring as the GCS School Support Employee of the Year, is responsible for maintaining TimeLink and SmartFind records, greeting customers, and processing human resource forms.  “The job changes almost daily, so we work together to ensure that our students graduate on time with the skills they need to reach their goals,” she said.    

While she serves as guidance clerk, Krystal Scott also assumes the duties of basketball coach at Carolina.  “Teaching girls that hard work pays off and seeing their character develop on and off the court is amazing to me,” explained Krystal.  “Sometimes all it takes is for the student and parent to know we care about them.  Whether I am helping with enrollment process or staying late waiting for my last player’s ride to arrive, I always follow the Golden Rule.”

 As the school bookkeeper, Lisa is responsible for handling district and local funds.  She receipts the money, orders materials and supplies, pays bills, and maintains fundraiser and fieldtrip accounts.

For Gina, the most rewarding part of her job as attendance clerk is helping students realize the importance of attending school and being on time for class every day. She tells them, “If you are not here, you will never be able to fully grasp what has been taught in 

Carolina Van De Voorde - School Social Worker

Carolina Van De Voorde - School Social WorkerCarolina Van De Voorde, a Title I school social worker serving Tanglewood Middle and Westcliffe Elementary, serves as the communication link between parents and the school to provide information about community resources that may help alleviate barriers to a student’s education.  In addition to home visits, Carolina often provides transportation for parents so they can attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and conferences with teachers. She’s also fluent in Spanish, which makes her a valuable asset at the schools she serves.

“Many students referred for social work services have simple needs such as school supplies or clothing.  Some have much greater needs including homelessness or lack of health care.  School social workers can provide families with the resources they need for their child’s academic success,” she said.

Carolina believes the success of the school district is dependent upon each employee’s ability to help those students whose needs are the greatest.  School social workers help those students and their families using their clinical and mental health backgrounds in areas such as bullying prevention, positive parenting, and adolescent development.

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