Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013

The Board of Trustees approved the 2013-14 General Fund Budget in the amount of $485.5 million, approving an additional $945,000 to the administration’s recommended budget to ensure all elementary schools have at least one full-time guidance counselor and all middle and high schools have a student-counselor ratio not to exceed 325:1. The amended budget was approved through roll call vote 8 to 3 (Yes - Baxter, Grayson, Hickerson, Morrison-Fair, O’Connor, Rohleder, Wells, Saylors. No - Bush, Meek, Sudduth. Absent - Leventis-Wells.).

  • Projected State Base Student Cost is $2,101 (approx. 2001-02 funding level).  Greenville County Schools’ BSC is $1,534 based on the State Index of Taxpaying Ability.
  • Millage increase and generated savings are needed to fund State and Federal mandates and Local requirements due to growth and inflation.  Millage increase continues five-year strategy to decrease dependence on Fund Balance to pay for recurring costs.
  • Proposed budget is balanced using $11.25 million from the Fund Balance (generated savings) and a 3.9-mill tax increase (businesses, rental homes, cars, etc.) of the 10.86 mills allowed by State law. Owner-occupied homes are not taxed for the General Fund.
  • Teachers receive a salary step and, if eligible, an increase for certificate upgrade.  Teachers at top of salary schedule and ALL other employees receive a 2% salary increase.  Salary increase of 2% partially offsets 1.8% inflation rate and .5% increase in employees’ state retirement.
  • Funding included for teachers and staff for student growth, additional guidance counselors, Security Patrols and safety staff development, District's contribution to Employees Health Plan, two technology positions, and staff for Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle to prepare for 2014 opening.

Budgeted Expenditures for FY 13


New Expenditures/Reductions for FY 14 ($17,292,000. Listed below.)

Federal Mandated Expenditures for FY 14 - $185,000

Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions
Affordable Care Act (Impact on Temporary Employees) $185,000

State Mandated Expenditures for FY 14 - $7,819,000

Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions
  • Teacher Step/Salary Increases and Certificate Upgrades
  • State Health Employer Portion Insurance Increase (2013 and 2014 Calendar Years)


Local Required Expenditures for FY 14 - $9,955,000

Goal 1:   Raise the Academic Challenge and Performance of Each Student
  • Increases Associated with Student Growth (Teachers, Other School Staff, Etc.)   
  • Increase of School and Department Copier Costs


Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions

  • Increase in Local Portion of the Teacher Salary Schedule   
  • 2% Cost of Living Increase for Support Salary Schedules
  • Additional Guidance Counselors
  • Classroom Promethean Support and School Wireless Support Technicians

Goal 3:  Provide a School Environment Supportive of Learning

  • Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle School (Staffing to Prepare for School Opening)
  • Security Enhancement (Security Patrols and Staff Development)

Reduction of Expenditures for FY 14 – ($667,000)

Goal 4:  Effectively Manage and Further Develop Financial Resources
  • Workers' Compensation Budget & Property/Liability Insurance Premiums

Budgeted Expenditures for FY 14


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