Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013

The Board of Trustees approved the 2013-14 General Fund Budget in the amount of $485.5 million, approving an additional $945,000 to the administration’s recommended budget to ensure all elementary schools have at least one full-time guidance counselor and all middle and high schools have a student-counselor ratio not to exceed 325:1. The amended budget was approved through roll call vote 8 to 3 (Yes - Baxter, Grayson, Hickerson, Morrison-Fair, O’Connor, Rohleder, Wells, Saylors. No - Bush, Meek, Sudduth. Absent - Leventis-Wells.).

Budgeted Expenditures for FY 13


New Expenditures/Reductions for FY 14 ($17,292,000. Listed below.)

Federal Mandated Expenditures for FY 14 - $185,000

Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions
Affordable Care Act (Impact on Temporary Employees) $185,000

State Mandated Expenditures for FY 14 - $7,819,000

Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions
  • Teacher Step/Salary Increases and Certificate Upgrades
  • State Health Employer Portion Insurance Increase (2013 and 2014 Calendar Years)


Local Required Expenditures for FY 14 - $9,955,000

Goal 1:   Raise the Academic Challenge and Performance of Each Student
  • Increases Associated with Student Growth (Teachers, Other School Staff, Etc.)   
  • Increase of School and Department Copier Costs


Goal 2:  Ensure Quality Personnel in All Positions

  • Increase in Local Portion of the Teacher Salary Schedule   
  • 2% Cost of Living Increase for Support Salary Schedules
  • Additional Guidance Counselors
  • Classroom Promethean Support and School Wireless Support Technicians

Goal 3:  Provide a School Environment Supportive of Learning

  • Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle School (Staffing to Prepare for School Opening)
  • Security Enhancement (Security Patrols and Staff Development)

Reduction of Expenditures for FY 14 – ($667,000)

Goal 4:  Effectively Manage and Further Develop Financial Resources
  • Workers' Compensation Budget & Property/Liability Insurance Premiums

Budgeted Expenditures for FY 14


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