Posted: Monday, November 12, 2012

The Greenville County School System has launched a new and innovative district-wide website focusing on the school’s athletic programs.  The website will deliver a single technology hub for all schools’ athletic program management and team communications.

The technology platform will provide a foundation for automating many athletic administrative tasks required by athletic staff and coaches.  Athletic information and communications will be delivered on the site, providing parents, students and fans with game and practice schedules, scores, team news, events, photos, videos and game highlights in one convenient location.  The website will also provide a venue for highlighting corporate sponsors of Greenville County School athletics.

The website has been launched this month to kick-off the winter athletics season for high school sports.  Middle school sports will be added to the website for the fall season in 2013.

Bill Utsey, Athletic Director for the Greenville County School District states, “The website will allow our athletic personnel to be more proficient in performing their duties.  In addition, the website will provide budgetary support for our athletic programs by providing a platform to recognize our valued sponsors.”

The website is operated by National Amateur Sports (NAS). NAS President, James Shipley says, “We are thrilled about this opportunity. NAS is committed to supporting the needs of Greenville County Schools by helping the district move its athletic programs forward.  We are also committed to making this the beginning of a long collaboration that benefits students, parents, fans, schools and community sponsors.”

About Greenville County Schools (GCS)

Greenville County Schools is home to more than 71,000 students making it the largest school district in South Carolina and the 47th largest school district in the nation.  Within the nineteen middle schools and fourteen high schools, over ten thousand students participate in sports programs (8,500+ in HS, 1,800+ in MS).  The mission of Greenville County Schools’ after-school sports programs is to provide positive, lifelong educational experiences for students. The Greenville County high school sports programs are considered among the best in South Carolina.  Numerous state championship teams are produced annually in Greenville County Schools and are highly regarded throughout the state.

About National Amateur Sports

National Amateur Sports (NAS) is a Charlotte based company specializing in IT management and marketing support for school districts and organized athletic programs.  NAS has a leadership team with more than forty five years of combined experience in sports marketing and management. National Amateur Sports facilitates corporate and public partnerships to provide supplemental funding and advanced technology platforms to the underserved market of amateur athletics.

For more information contact:

Greenville County Schools, Director of Athletics - Bill Utsey

Phone: (864) 355-3987

National Amateur Sports, Managing Partner – Eric Broadway

Phone: (704) 341-4645

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