Posted: Monday, November 12, 2012

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School support staffs include food service operators, custodians, aides, secretaries, clerks, bookkeepers, nurses, paraprofessionals, special education personnel, school resource officers, and employees not recognized in another category.

American Education Week - School Support Staff Appreciation DayKelly Adams, media clerk at Lakeview Middle School, has a rapport with students that is second to none. She can sense when a student needs help or just someone to talk to, and encourages and motivates reluctant learners and special education students. She has created an engaging and inviting learning environment in the media center, and has developed a school literary magazine, Dreamkeeper, for students to showcase their writing.

School support staffs are responsible for handling day-to-day operations of the school, from answering phones to providing backup for teachers when needed.  They strengthen the school community because they are on the front line with parents, the community, teachers, their principal, and most importantly, students.

Kelly knows the important role she plays within her school.  “I’m a jack of all trades,” she said.  “My primary job is to shelf books and help students when selecting books and checking them out.  But I have added duties as well,” she explained.

When someone has a computer problem, Kelly is the first one they call.  If she can’t fix it, she calls Education Technology Services (ETS).  Kelly has been given the added responsibility of working with students who need extra help with reading, using proven strategies to help them improve their reading skills.

“I am so pleased that I can help students learn as they go along. They enjoy having special time because they get pulled out of class and get one-on-one attention. It makes me feel good to help them enjoy reading a book,” she said.

Greenville County Schools salutes Kelly Adams and all GCS School Support Staff who keep families, school volunteers, parents, and others positively connected with their local schools!

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