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  1. Are there jobs available now?
    There will be full-time and substitute positions available as needed.
  2. How many hours a week will I work?
    Work schedules vary based on route assignments. Substitute positions are as needed and full-time positions are 30 or more hours per week.
  3. Can I drive for my child’s school?
    Route assignments are based on availability.
  4. Is there other work available besides regular bus routes?
    We also schedule field trips and athletic events that require bus drivers.
  5. What is the rate of pay?
    Driver / Aide Pay Schedule
  6. Can I take my bus home with me?
  7. Do I get benefits?
    Yes. All permanent drivers are eligible for benefits.
  8. When do I get my first check?
    Approx. 4 weeks after your first day on the job. A pay schedule will be provided.