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Grants Overview

The grants division of the Accountability and Quality Assurance department is responsible for developing and implementing opportunities for the acquisition of external funding through grants. In addition to preparing, submitting and tracking competitive grant applications for district-wide initiatives, the grants division is also available to assist individual schools with project-specific proposals.

The services available to schools include:

  • Review of grant guidelines as presented in Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Evaluation and review of proposal  narrative and budget/budget narrative
  • Editing and writing support as requested
  • Preparation of application forms and assurances
  • Research assistance
  • Assistance in the submission of grant applications and attachments

The grants division will also provide information about funding opportunities appropriate to GCS teachers and local schools.  Grant announcements will be publicized through the following:

  • Bi-weekly E-bulletin prepared and distributed by the GCS Communications Department
  • Management Memos distributed to school principals

Grant Submission Policy & Procedures

In an effort to supplement the educational efforts of local schools, the grants division encourages the development of competitive grant applications by local schools, teachers and district administrative units. Principals and directors of administrative units will be responsible for approving grant applications and to provide the subsequent oversight to ensure the proposed project is implemented successfully, manage awarded funds and prepare/submit all required reports in accordance with the original grant application. The grants division is available to assist with any of these activities.

Proposals and grant reports may be submitted to the grants division for review, evaluation and editing at least 10 days prior to the grant submission deadline. As necessary, the grants division can assist with the procurement of all appropriate attachments.

Sources of Grant Funding

Generally, grants that propose district-wide initiatives or multiple partners within the district or community are a collaborative effort between the grants division and those schools, programs or community agencies impacted by the initiative. Application development, submission and fiscal management occurs through the central office and/or the appropriate partners.

Grants for school-specific projects are smaller grant awards made to financially supplement in-school, after-school or school-level projects. Responsibility for the application development and submission lies with a school representative, often a teacher or principal. Fiscal management, project implementation and grant reports are the responsibility of the principal.

For more information on how to identify a funder and write a grant,visit GCSD School-Based Grants Page.