Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Twenty-eight Greenville County Schools students qualified for and received the prestigious SC Seal of Biliteracy designation.  Twenty-one students received the silver level designation, and seven received the bronze level designation. This is the first year that GCS students have participated in the program.

All South Carolina students in their junior or senior year are eligible to attain the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy based on two qualification areas.  Students must meet qualifications in both English and a language other than English in order to attain the recognition at the gold, silver or bronze level.  Gold level recipients demonstrate Advanced-Low proficiency in a language other than English in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Silver level recipients demonstrate Intermediate-High proficiency in the same four areas, while bronze level recipients demonstrate Intermediate-Mid proficiency. 

The South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy award encourages students to take ownership of their language proficiency growth, to better prepare themselves for today’s workforce, and to become life-long language learners.  Earning this award gives South Carolina students an opportunity to provide evidence displaying their language proficiency to universities and employers.

Bronze Recipients

  • Adalene Cass, Greenville High
  • Grace Hilbourn, Greer High
  • Thania Alvarado Guerra, Greer High
  • Ella Jones, Mauldin High
  • Allison Cato, Mauldin High
  • Avery Simon, Mauldin High
  • Faiz Ali, Riverside High

Silver Recipients

  • Charles McFadden, Greenville High
  • Henry Sowinski, Greenville High
  • Ellison Carpenter, Greenville High
  • Claire Hogan, Greenville High
  • Roman Gutierrez-Alba, Greenville High
  • Daniel Sanchez, Greenville High
  • Genesis Jimenez Cruz, Greer High
  • Joanna Cruz, Greer High
  • Ivette Garcia-Jose, Greer High
  • Lizbeth Flores Lopez, Greer High
  • Stephanie Perez Manuel, Greer High
  • Alexander Fuentes, Mauldin High
  • Simone Kapetanovic, Mauldin High
  • Lucas Roman, Mauldin High
  • Giulio Siciliano, Mauldin High
  • Thomas Macias Skipper, Mauldin High
  • Donna Berrezueta, Riverside High
  • Isabel Koehler, Riverside High
  • Jared Hernandez-Martinez, Woodmont High
  • Amalia Urena, Woodmont High
  • Mia Bautista, Woodmont High

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