Posted: Monday, February 7, 2022

Three GCS school counselors have been recognized as South Carolina Counselors of the Year for their outstanding contributions to their field. They were recently presented with awards from the Palmetto State School Counselors Association (PSSCA).

Erin Carroll, Eastside High School

Erin Carroll, Eastside High SchoolEastside High School’s Erin Carroll was named South Carolina High School Counselor of the Year.  Erin is a counselor who is always learning and broadening her scope as a school counselor. She is a leader and an advocate for collaboration, advocacy, leadership, and systemic change at the school, district, and state levels. Erin says she would not be the counselor she is today without working and collaborating with the best. 

Kim Groome, Hillcrest Middle School

Kim Groome, Hillcrest Middle SchoolThe PSSCA Middle School Counselor of the Year is Hillcrest Middle School’s Kim Groome. Kim plays an important role advocating for school counselors at the city and state levels. She ensures that building and district leaders understand the role of a school counselor. At the state level, Kim worked to rewrite, update, and make significant changes to the Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling model. Through leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, Kim is making changes that benefit all students.

Abby Bays, Monaview Elementary School

Abby Bays, Monaview Elementary SchoolMonaview Elementary’s Abby Bays was selected the PSSCA Elementary School Counselor of the Year. Abby is a true advocate for school counselors and students. Abby is a lifelong learner and is always willing to go the extra mile for students, parents, school counselors, and colleagues. Not only is she active within her school and district, but she is also active at the state level by advocating for legislation at the House and Senate levels. She was also successful in gaining funding of over $100,000 for new playground equipment for her school.

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