Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Gateway Elementary math teacher Lynn Crane has been named the Greenville County Math Teacher of the Year by the Greenville County Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

“I have found that when my students enter my math class in the fall, they are either in love with math or they tell me they have great difficulty with the subject,’ said Mrs. Crane. “My goal is to ultimately help them develop a love of math. I believe that teaching students how math concepts are related builds mathematical confidence and provides the scaffolding needed to be successful.”

She added, “I am extremely rewarded by the fact that students gain confidence throughout the year. Although students come to class with varying ability levels, I get great joy from student success. I instill the idea in students and parents that students are successful if they know more today than they did yesterday. Ultimately, the scores on assessments are a reflection of the day-to-day successes my students experience.”

Mrs. Crane has served on numerous committees over her 27-year teaching career, including Faculty Council, School Improvement Council, Volunteer Appreciation committee, Beta Club sponsor, Teacher Appreciation committee, Teacher of the Year committee, Above and Beyond sponsor, and Red Ribbon committee.

Lynn Crane
Lynn Crane

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