Posted: Friday, September 11, 2020

Recent Southside High graduate Khushi Umarwadia was among 50 South Carolina Class of 2020 seniors to earn scholarships ranging from $500 to $40,000 through the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. This new scholarship program guides students through the college planning process and offers them multiple chances to earn money for college during their junior and senior years of high school.

Khushi said, “The entire process kept me on track for college throughout senior year. It laid out the steps I needed to take to make sure I could achieve my goals. These scholarships are definitely worth the time investment. It not only gives you a chance to help pay for college, but it also guides the way for you to be successful before you even graduate. Making sure you stay on top of everything while also juggling senior year can be difficult, but the scholarships are the best incentives.”

The College Board has partnered with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) to encourage all students to join the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. The program is currently open for the Class of 2021, and the Class of 2022 can sign up starting in December 2020. Learn more at Visit the CHE website at

Khushi Umarwadia

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