Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2020

Based on valuable feedback from parents, Greenville County Schools has made important changes to our flexible in-person attendance Roadmap, known as Destination: Return to In-Person School.  Many of you indicated to us that the changes would help with childcare and planning if the days were more consistent.

These revisions affect which days of the week certain students will attend school.  You might remember, we divided students into four color-groupings based in the first letter of their last name.  Students whose last names begin with A-D are blue. E-K is red. L-Q is green. R-Z is purple. 

When conditions allow for only one day of in-person attendance, the schedule is simple: blue students attend on Monday, red on Tuesday, green on Wednesday and purple on Thursday.  All students will participate in eLearning on Fridays and on days they are not physically in school.    

But here’s where the change comes in. On weeks when two days of in-person attendance is permitted, blue and green students will attend on Monday, red and purple on Tuesday, blue and green again on Wednesday, red and purple again on Thursday, with eLearning for everyone on Friday and on days they are not physically in school. 

This is different from the in-person attendance plan we announced on July 10, when blue and red students were to attend on Monday and Wednesday, green and purple on Tuesday and Thursday, etc.  The revised system allows for more consistency as students shift back and forth between one and two day attendance schedules.

GCS Return to School Parent Resource Page

Parents who need a color change due to a transportation or childcare issues should complete the form below.  Staff will process the form and notify you if the change can be made. Changes are based on space availability on buses and classroom capacity in the school, taking social distancing into consideration. Rearranging student color-groups is complicated, so please request changes only if absolutely necessary.  Be sure to allow adequate time for changes to be processed, particularly if you have multiple children with required changes.

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