Posted: Friday, April 24, 2020

The School District of Greenville County (GCS)  recently filed its notice of appeal in the American Humanist Association matter. 

The Board of Trustees of the School District of Greenville County wants to reaffirm that it continues to defend and protect the right of students to free speech and their ability to decide whether to pray or speak from a religious perspective when chosen as speakers at school events, including high school graduations.   The Board of Trustees respects the views and beliefs of all students.  

“While it also respects the District Court, the Board of Trustees believes that the Court’s ruling was not supported by the applicable law and facts of the case,” said Board Chair Lynda Leventis-Wells. “The GCS Board of Trustees renews and emphasizes its support for the School District to challenge and appeal the injunction, including components of the injunction that will ultimately require the School District to take a position that it believes is hostile to religion and free expression, as well as the award of attorney’s fees to the American Humanist Association.”

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