Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019

Beverley Bruce, Lead Interpreter in the GCS Special Education Department, has been awarded the Leilani Johnson Leadership Award by the National Association of Interpreters in Education. This prestigious award is designated for an interpreter who works in education, is recognized as a visionary, has demonstrated leadership qualities, and has proven to be an interpreter who has had an impact on the profession as well as educational arenas.

“Beverley Bruce is a tremendous asset to Greenville County Schools,” said Peggy Neel, Director of Speech Services. “She works closely with students to identify and serve their needs. Mrs. Bruce is well respected within the school system and the deaf community.”

Mrs. Bruce is always looking for solutions that will encourage students to be served in the best possible way. For more than 30 years, Mrs. Bruce served as an interpreter. She is now serving deaf parents who were once her students years ago.

Beyond the school day, Bruce serves and interprets for teenagers in environments such as on the football field, out-of-town field trips, and while they study for a driver’s license.

Beverley Bruce

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