Posted: Friday, May 12, 2017

Lakeview Middle School PTA The Lakeview Middle School PTA received first place out of 25 finalists for National PTA's #Teacher Appreciation Week! The first place prize is $2,500 to stock the Teacher's Lounge full of food, snacks, drinks, Keurig coffee makers, and more.

The nomination was written by Lakeview Middle PTA Treasurer Miriam Torres. She wrote, “I want to nominate (Lakeview teacher) Maureen Phend for the PTA Thank-A-Teacher contest. Ms. Phend is the kind of teacher who teaches from the heart. She is not only an English teacher, she also coordinates the bike club and many other after-school activities. She is the kind of teacher that loves her work and it is reflected in the love her students have for her. She is always looking for ways to help improve the school and ways to help her students grow. She is very much loved by her students and staff.”

Pam Driggers, District 1 PTA President, added, “This is a big day for PTA in South Carolina and an even bigger day for the Lakeview Middle School Lions. Your teachers deliver outside the classroom boundaries. Your teachers are building you to be better students and better citizens. Because of earning first place, teachers will get $2,500 worth of items for the Teacher’s Lounge. In addition, students will get 100 titles to download on their new Chromebooks, which are scheduled to be awarded at the beginning of next school year.”

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