Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In keeping with past practices, the decision to watch Friday’s inaugural events during the school day is an instructional one that should be tied to state standards and made at the classroom and school level.

Per our long-standing instructional policy, parents have the ability to opt out, thereby preventing their students from watching the inauguration.  Those students who opt out should receive an alternate assignment regarding presidential inaugurations, U.S. history, or a similar topic.

We know that a number of social studies and U.S. government teachers have made plans to watch Friday’s inaugural events as part of their classroom instruction.  This is an excellent opportunity to discuss our nation’s history and the peaceful transfer of power that is at the heart of our government.

Greenville County Schools is asking principals to work with teachers to finalize plans today so teachers can notify parents this afternoon, or tomorrow at the latest, if they intend to view the inauguration.  This will give parents time to determine their preference and, if so inclined, send a written request to opt out.

Board Policy IFA

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