Posted: Monday, June 6, 2016

The Greenville County Schools FY 17 General Fund Budget was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees without a tax increase. The budget of $575,956,000 funds an additional $19.5 million in state mandates and $22.5 million in local required expenses for student growth, salary increases, and other needs. 

There are two major factors that lead to the increase in revenue, a sustained trend of higher millage value and corresponding property tax revenue and the SC legislatures approval of a significantly higher base student cost, from $2,220 in FY 16 to $2,350 in FY 17.  Greenville County Schools and its Board of Trustees greatly appreciates the General Assembly’s, Governor’s and State Superintendent’s focus on public education funding.

Approximately 87% of the budget pays salaries for the districts nearly 10,000 employees.  More than $305 million pays for teachers and instructional aides, $166 million for other employees and less than $65 million is for other expenditures.

Budgeted Expenditures FY 17

Budget Presentation

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