Posted: Monday, May 23, 2016

Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-1On Tuesday, May 10, as part of a design-thinking process training for General Electric employees, engineers made Hughes Academy their home and workspace. This training was coordinated as a train-the-trainer effort so that these master coaches will then return to their hometowns and use this experience as a reference for training their own teams. What happened at Hughes Academy will truly have a global impact – the school was host to engineers from Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Italy, India, Poland, New York, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.  

Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-2In addition to the employee training, these engineers worked with 7th grade Gateway-to-Technology (GTT) students to determine a better partnership between Hughes Academy and GE. Next year, these students will get to visit engineers at GE to help solve problems using the engineering design model.

Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-3On Thursday, May 12, Hughes Academy Administrators and GTT teachers were invited to GE to discuss the partnership between industries and educational institutions for STEAM careers. They had the opportunity to listen and provide feedback to engineers from around the world about enhancing the partnership between GE and Hughes Academy. We are excited about the opportunities GE will bring to our Hughes students next year!

Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-6 Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-4 Hughes Academy, GE Partner for STEAM Training-5

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