Posted: Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Clemson Engineers Partner with Summit Drive Students

  • Slime Time
  • R2D2 Meets Rembrandt
  • Boat Building and Buoyancy
  • Boat Building and Buoyancy
  • iNano

Students at Summit Drive Elementary School gained hands-on experience in STEAM activities, thanks to some enthusiastic Clemson University engineering students.

Activities included R2D2 meets Rembrandt, where Sekou Remy, School of Computing major, and Barbara Ramirez, English major, taught students to program robots to draw shapes.

Elliot Ennis, chemistry major, showed students how to make their own slime as they learned about chemistry and polymerization at the Slime Time station.

The Boat Building and Buoyancy station allowed students to build their own boats out of easily accessible materials such as foil, paper clips, popsicle sticks, tape and paper, then tested them to see how much “cargo” the could hold while still floating.

Rama Podila, physics and astronomy major, introduced students to nanoparticles in iNano: Big Things Come in Small Packages. Students “played” with ferrofluids and gold nanoparticles that didn’t look like gold due to their extremely small size.

The Science and Engineering Demo Show provided interactive demonstrations that linked different scientific principles such as chemical reactions, buoyancy, sound waves and vibrations, and Boyle’s law, to their uses in engineering applications.

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