Posted: Friday, October 9, 2015

Mauldin High’s Nikki Smith Recognized by Former StudentNikki Smith, a mathematics teacher at Mauldin High School, has been recognized by Stanford University for her exceptional teaching. Mrs. Smith was nominated by Ronald Tep, a 2015 Mauldin High graduate and a member of the Stanford University Class of 2019.

“Mrs. Smith is more than a teacher; she is a hero,” he wrote. “I can say with utmost confidence that Mrs. Smith genuinely cares about every one of her students. She strives for excellence in helping her students succeed, and she teaches her students that in life, it is okay to deviate from the norm, that a little skew is okay, and that when everything is set up correctly, the limit does not exist. Thank you, Mrs. Smith.”

Stanford University invites incoming freshmen to nominate teachers and mentors who played a significant role in their intellectual, academic, social and personal development. These individuals are recognized as part of the Stanford Teacher Tribute Initiative.

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