Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2015

pans of chickenGreenville County Schools Food and Nutrition Services is offering some new menu items this week.

Middle school students were treated to a make your own macaroni and cheese bar featuring four meat toppings and four veggie toppings.

“We serve 66 thousand meals a day. We want to make sure they are healthy, nutritious meals. We know how important that is to our students being successful,” said Superintendent Burke Royster.

This week, high school lunch menus include the addition of St. Louis style ribs and boneless chicken wings.

“School food needs to rock,” said Food and Nutrition Services Director Joe Urban, “Students need the nutrition and it is up to us to find items that they love and that they want to eat.”

The ribs and wings have been in development for almost a year. High school students were given input on the recipe. Cory Lewis from Berea High was one of the original testers. “It kind of spices up lunch and gives us more options and better options,” Lewis said.

Sushi is also being offered this month at Riverside High school and will expand as interest grows.

lunch plate with a variety of foodspan of meat being served

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