Posted: Monday, September 28, 2015

Students Get Lesson in Responsible Giving

Students Get Lesson in Responsible GivingSecretary of State to Students: Do Your Homework on Charities

South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond spoke to representatives from 14 Greenville County high schools.

Hammond told students on the Inter-High council they need to thoroughly investigate a charity before selecting it as the recipient of its spirit week donation.

Students Get Lesson in Responsible Giving“Students or anyone raising money need to check out these organizations before they solicit donations, to make sure the money is going to program services for those in need and not to pay a professional fund raiser,” he said.

Students Get Lesson in Responsible GivingHammond encouraged students to visit his website to find out what percentage of earnings a charity gives to its stated cause. Hammond says the Better Business Bureau recommends at least 65 percent should go to the charitable purpose.

Hammond says Greenville County is the most charitable in the state. Already this year Greenville High has raised over $200,000, J.L. Mann over $150,000 and Eastside High over $125,000. Wade Hampton will unveil its spirit week total Monday night.

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