Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cell Phone Policy ChangeCell phones and other electronic devices used inappropriately by students such as texting during class will no longer be automatically confiscated by school administrators. The revised policy was approved by the School Board on Tuesday night, August 25 and is effective immediately.

Students will be disciplined for their conduct rather than solely for the use of a device. Infractions will be dealt with like other offenses per the Student Behavior Code policy. For example, if a student refuses to put away a cell phone when asked then that student would be disciplined for failing to follow the teacher’s directive.

The former process required confiscation and subsequent return of devices with an increasing length of time for retention for repeat offenses. The policy revision was based on recommendations from a committee of principals and administrators. The group also concluded that cell phones and other electronic devices can be important educational tools for classroom instruction if the devices are used appropriately.

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