Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The FY 16 Proposed General Fund Budget was presented for first reading to the Board of Trustees. The Board will consider approval of the GF Budget, including any revisions, on Tuesday, June 2, 6:30 p.m., preceded by a public hearing at 6:00 p.m.

Proposed Budget - Key Points

  • The projected State Base Student Cost (BSC) increases $100 from $2,120 to $2,220, $581 less than full funding of $2,801. Based on the State Taxpayer Ability Index, GCS would receive a BSC of $1,624.
  • Completes effort to eliminate dependence on Fund Balance, implemented during State Budget cuts.
  • As provided for by State law, local tax millage for the General Fund would increase by 4.5 mills for additional expenses related to inflation and population growth. Based on the State formula, GCS qualifies for a local tax increase of up to 10.3 mills, including 4.5 mills for FY16 plus an additional 5.8 mills not used in previous years. Owner-occupied homes are exempt from taxes for the General Fund.
  • All employees would receive a salary step OR a three percent increase, whichever is greater. Teachers would also receive an increase for a certificate upgrade and teachers with 5-26 years who were affected by the step freeze in FY 11 to avoid cutting positions would receive an additional “catchup” step. Salary schedules for bus drivers and salaries for nurses would be adjusted to be more competitive.
Budgeted Expenditures for FY 15 $506,869,000
State Mandated Expenditures for FY 16
Teachers for English Language Learners (Offset Loss of State Lottery Funding) - $2,015,000
Special Education Teachers (9.0 FTEs; Offset Loss of Federal IDEA Funding) - $600,000
Teacher Salary Steps and Certificate Upgrades - $5,120,000
State Health Insurance Increase (3.9% eff. Jan. 1, 2015, 4.5% eff. Jan. 1, 2016) - $1,718,000
State Retirement Employer Rate Increase - $1,235,000
Payments to Charter Schools - $1,392,000
Local Required Expenditures for FY 16
Student Growth Impact (Additional Teachers, Other Employees, Etc.) - $2,000,000
Teachers for English Language Learners to 115:1 ratio (11.5 FTEs) - $742,000
Restore .5 Pupil-Teacher Ratio as Baseline Funding Allocation to All Schools for Academic Improvements (Site-Based Decisions) - $3,870,000
Discovery Education - $ 159,000
Roper Mountain Science Center – Instructional Supplies - $5,000
Restoration of Teacher Salary Step in FY11 that was Frozen to Avoid Layoffs - $ 3,990,000
Increase Local Portion of Teacher Salary Steps (Ensure Minimum 3% Salary Increase) - $1,191,000
Salary Increase for Support Personnel (3% or Step, Whichever is More) - $3,780,000
School Nurse Salary Step and Grade Adjustment (Help Retain and Recruit) - $265,000
Bus Driver Salary Schedule Modification (Help Retain and Recruit) - $596,000
Assistant Band Directors Supplement - $135,000
Athletic Supplements (Additional Coaches and Extended Season Pay) - $352,000
Employee Assistance Program - $123,000
Evaluation Specialist - $92,000
Applicant Tracking Specialist - $69,000
AV Security Tech, Preventative Maintenance Techs (2 FTEs), Chiller Tech - $266,000
ETS Information Security Support Specialist and Field Support Personnel (5 FTEs) - $377,000
Athletic Fields and Ground Maintenance - $215,000
Budget Reductions
Affordable Care Act - ($250,000)
Transfer Portion of Fringe Benefit Expenses to Food Service Fund - ($250,000)
Proposed Budgeted Expenditures for FY 16 $536,676,000

FY 16 General Fund Budget First Reading Packet

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