Posted: Friday, April 17, 2015 Students Who Make a DifferenceGreenville County Schools is proud to have five of the top 10 students who were recently recognized in Upstate Parent Magazine as Students Who Make a Difference. They are Diquaris (DJ) Johnson, Washington Center; Karla Munoz, Mitchell Road Elementary; Maggie Poole, Mountain View Elementary; Ryan Soug, Woodland Elementary; and Maddie Trelinski, A.J. Whittenberg Elementary.

Diquaris Johnson - Washington Center - Diquaris Johnson turns challenges into opportunities. Diquaris - DQ, as he is known to his friends - is a student at Washington Center in Greenville. According to his grandmother, Valerie Allen, he has autism, but he continues to excel.

Karla Munoz - Mitchell Road Elementary - Karla Munoz inspires others with her hard work and positive attitude. Amy Kern, Karla's teacher at Mitchell Road Elementary School in Greenville, said Karla is an example to her peers. She participates in a variety of programs at school and she strives to do her best in each. Most importantly, Karla has a passion for seeing others succeed as well.

Maggie Poole - Mountain View Elementary - Maggie Poole is speaking out on behalf of her father and others who battle ALS, a degenerative condition often called Lou Gehrig's disease. A student at Mountain View Elementary School in Taylors, Maggie gives 100 percent to everything she does, according to her teacher, Jennifer Gibson.

Ryan SougRyan Soug - Woodland Elementary is learning about the world and his ability to positively influence it. Ryan is a student a Woodland Elementary School in Greer and has a variety of interests. He can even solve a Rubik's cube in about one minute. Bakita Knebel, one of his teachers, said he is an exceptional young man.

Maddie Trelinski - A.J. Whittenberg - Maddie Trelinski, a student at A.J. Whittenberg Elementary in Greenville, doesn't just work to accomplish her goals. She intends to excel at every task. "She is very self-motivated," said Pam Sawicki, Maddie's mother. "It definitely comes from her. She is very independent and if she sets goals, she strives to accomplish those goals."

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