Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2014

New, Returning Board Members Sworn In

Circuit Court Judge Letitia Verdin swore in one new and five returning School Board members at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

Mr. Derek Lewis was sworn in to replace the seat vacated by Megan Hickerson in Area 24. Returning Board Members are Lynda Leventis-Wells (Area 22), Roger Meek (Area 26), Chuck Saylors (Area 20), Pat Sudduth (Area 18), and Lisa Wells (Area 28). They will serve four–year terms on the School Board.

  • Lynda Leventis-Wells (Area 22)
    Lynda Leventis-Wells (Area 22)
  • Derek Lewis (Area 24)
    Derek Lewis (Area 24)
  • Roger Meek (Area 26)
    Roger Meek (Area 26)
  • Chuck Saylors (Area 20)
    Chuck Saylors (Area 20)
  • Pat Sudduth (Area 18)
    Pat Sudduth (Area 18)
  • Lisa Wells (Area 28)
    Lisa Wells (Area 28)

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