Posted: Monday, October 20, 2014

Greenville County Schools earned a letter grade of B (89.1) on the 2014 ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) federal accountability rating system. Seventy-seven of 84 district schools (92 percent) earned a grade of A, B or C.

Thirty-eight schools earned an A. Twenty-nine schools earned a B and ten schools earned a C. Four schools earned a D and three schools received an F.

Score  Grade  Description
90-100 A Performance substantially exceeds the state’s expectations.
80-89.9 B Performance exceeds the state’s expectations.
70-79.9 C Performance meets the state’s expectations.
60-69.9 D Performance does not meet the state’s expectations.
Below 60 F Performance is substantially below the state’s expectations.

Seven elementary schools were identified as Title I Reward Schools for Performance, the highest performing Title I schools in a given year. They are Cherrydale, Duncan Chapel, East North Street Academy, Grove, Monaview, Slater-Marietta, and Westcliffe.

Two schools – Armstrong Elementary and Duncan Chapel Elementary - were identified as Title I Reward Schools for Progress. These schools demonstrate the most substantial progress in either the “all students” group or in identified subgroups from one school year to the next.

The federal accountability system awards letter grades to schools and school districts based on student achievement in English/language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Graduation rates are also used to determine high school grades. Schools can have up to 77 objectives that are included in determining their grade. A different calculation for school grades was used for the first time so this year’s district and school grades cannot be compared with last year’s grades.

Each year, federal accountability standards increase by five points for elementary schools and four points for middle schools. High school standards increase annually in each of three areas: HSAP (high school exit exam) requirements by three points, End of Course exams by one or two points, and graduation rates by one point. The annual increasing accountability standards make it more difficult to achieve a high grade.

ESEA grades are calculated for elementary and middle schools using results from last year’s SCPASS English/language arts, math, science, and social studies tests, as well as percent tested on SCPASS ELA and math. For high schools, ESEA grades area calculated using last year’s HSAP ELA and math (first attempt only), percent tested on last year’s HSAP ELA and math, last year’s Biology I and U. S. History EOCEP, and last year’s on-time graduation rate.

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