Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014

A.J. Whittenberg:

  • Arielle Lowe, 3rd place Dance, primary division
  • Sarah Walker, 3rd place Photography, primary division

Augusta Circle Elementary:

  • Kyle Huang, HM Film Production
  • Lilly Baker, 1st place Photography, primary division
  • Mary Mauldin Avinger, HM Music Composition, primary
  • Ellie Mullins, HM Music Composition, intermediate;

Beck Academy (middle):

  • Manasvini Ranganathan, HM Dance
  • Madelyn Anderson, 2nd place Literature
  • Jieying Tong, 1st place Music Composition
  • Grant Kupec, HM Photography

Bell’s Crossing Elementary:

  • Sarah Bloomingburg, 1st place Dance, primary division
  • Mac Savage, 3rd place Film Production, primary division
  • Livy Brown, 1st place Literature, primary division

Blue Ridge Middle:

  • Dylan Johnson, 1st place Film Production
  • Adrianne Niskanen, 1st place Photography

Blythe Academy:

  • William King, HM Literature, intermediate division
  • Carleigh Bultz, 3rd place Music Composition, intermediate
  • Elizabeth Whelehan, HM Photography intermediate
  • Henry King, 2nd place Visual Arts primary division
  • Evelyn Thompson, HM Visual Arts primary

Buena Vista Elementary:

  • Sanjana Sivaraman, HM Literature, primary division
  • Sneha Undamatla, 2nd place Literature, intermediate division
  • Rebekah MacGregor, 2nd place Music Composition, intermediate

Carolina High:

  • Andy Le, HM Music Composition

Cherrydale Elementary:

  • Travis Taylor, HM Visual Arts intermediate

Duncan Chapel Elementary:

  • Carter Myers, 3rd place Literature, intermediate division

Fork Shoals:

  • Sam Lookadoo, 2nd place Photography, intermediate
  • Sam Lookadoo, 1st place Visual Arts, intermediate

Greenbrier Elementary:

  • Gabrielle Trowbridge, HM Literature, intermediate division;

Greenville Academy (middle school division):

  • Margaret Shaughnessy, HM Dance
  • Elizabeth Grier, 2nd place Film production
  • Guy Benjamin, HM Literature

Greenville High Academy (high school division):

  • Sloane Perkins, HM Film Production

Greer High (high school division):

  • Vi Pham, 2nd place Visual Art

Heritage Elementary:

  • Christian Powell, 3rd place Photography intermediate AND Outstanding Interpretation of Theme – Photography
  • Mahayla Law, HM Photography intermediate

Hillcrest High:

  • Katie-Laken Weeks, HM Dance

Hillcrest Middle (middle school division):

  • Kaylin Linville, 3rd place Photography

J. L. Mann Academy (high school division):

  • Evelin Velazquez, 3rd place Literature AND HM Literature
  • Anna Cristina Aragon, HM Visual Arts
  • Karly Klaeser, HM Photography

Lake Forest Elementary:

  • Natalie Nulph, 1st place Visual Arts, primary
  • Joshua Reyes, 3rd place Visual Arts, intermediate division;

League Academy (middle school division):

  • Natalie Geiger, 3rd place Film Production
  • Sophia Pavia, HM Visual Arts, 2nd place Photography

Mauldin Elementary:

  • Jamison Parker, 1st place Photography intermediate division

Mauldin Middle (middle school division):

  • Benjamin Hess, HM Film Production
  • Charlie Hyman, Outstanding Interpretation of Theme for Photography

Mauldin High (high school division):

  • Olivia Hopkins, 2nd place Dance
  • Julie Serwinoski, HM Photography

Mountain View Elementary:

  • Jessica Lyons, HM Dance, intermediate division

Paris Elementary:

  • Kristian Blackstone, HM Dance, primary division
  • Paige Geiger, 2nd place Film Production, intermediate division AND Outstanding Interpretation of Theme for Film Production category
  • Drew Sharp, HM Literature, primary division
  • Emily Robeson, HM Music Composition

Pelham Road Elementary:

  • Emerson Rollins, 2nd place Photography primary

Plain Elementary:

  • Leah Rutherford, 2nd place Music Composition, primary

Riverside Middle:

  • Maxine Blech, HM Literature
  • Louise Averitt, HM Music Composition
  • Anna Yang, HM Music Composition
  • Katelyn Williamson, 3rd place Visual Arts

Riverside High (high school division):

  • Hunter Bowers, HM Dance
  • Aleyna Dolan, 2nd place Literature
  • Thomas Neff, 2nd place Music Composition
  • Caleb Carithers, 2nd place Photography
  • Emma Simonis, HM Visual Arts

Rudoph Gordon Elementary:

  • Bowen Bright, 3rd place Literature, primary division

Sara Collins Elementary:

  • Emily White, HM Visual Arts, primary division

Sterling School (CTC Middle):

  • Vignesh Rajmohan, HM Film Production
  • Julia Zhu, 3rd place Literature
  • Ronak Malde, HM Photograhy

Stone Academy:

  • Emma Turgeon, HM Dance, primary division
  • Kelsey Pranke, 3rd place Dance, intermediate division
  • Macy Dunn, Outstanding Interpretation of Theme, Dance choreography
  • Poppy Hinson, 1st place Film Production, primary division
  • Ava Ramon, 2nd place Film production, primary division
  • Sophie Young, 3rd place Film Production, intermediate division
  • Daniel Millett, HM Film Production, intermediate division
  • Perry Bolt, 1st place Literature, intermediate division
  • Robert Anderson, 1st place Literature Special Artist division
  • Charlie Hinson, 1st place Music Composition, primary
  • Ethan Dill, 1st place Visual Arts special artist division and 1st place Photography, special artist

Summit Drive Elementary:

  • Aisling Linnane, HM Dance, intermediate division
  • Austin Papp, HM Photography primary AND 3rd place Music Composition, primary

Tigerville Elementary:

  • Jack Higginbotham, 1st place Film Production, intermediate division;

Travelers Rest High:

  • Carley Tomlinson, 1st place Dance

Wade Hampton High (high school division):

  • Joshua Barua, 1st place Literature

Homeschooled, SC Advocates for Children:

  • Joshua Storay, 2nd place Music Composition middle school

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