Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mary Davis, Mailroom Clerk - Warehouse

Mary Davis, Mailroom Clerk - WarehouseAn important part of each day is the delivery of courier and postal mail to offices and schools. Mary Davis, mailroom clerk, works hard behind the scenes to ensure that each letter, box, and courier envelope is delivered to the correct location. With more than 150,000 pieces of mail coming through the mailroom each year, it is Mary’s responsibility to stamp and mail letters and packages for the administrative offices as well as to ensure that in-house mail is sorted and delivered by courier to the schools. Mary takes great pride in knowing that she is responsible for accurate, prompt delivery of mail to every employee of Greenville County Schools. She has been a part of GCS for 22 years.

Mike Robinson, Technology Crew Chief - Operations Department

Mike Robinson, Technology Crew Chief - Operations DepartmentFor the past eight years, Mike Robinson has served all schools and centers as the supervisor of the audio/video department. Last spring, Mike was named the GCS Operations Employee of the Year for his outstanding efforts to keep our technology up-to-date. His constant flow of innovative ideas has consistently saved the district money in materials and labor.

Mike’s day-to-day responsibilities include ensuring that the security badge system, security cameras, scoreboards, televisions, Promethean Boards, intercoms, and sound systems are in good working condition.

“To know that we have been able to allow a teacher to concentrate on her class, not on a problem, is the most rewarding part of my job,” said Mike. “The security badge and camera systems are extremely important, and our team gets great joy in knowing we have helped provide a safe workplace for all employees.”

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