Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21-25, 2013

  • Did you know - school bus transportation is one of the safest ways to travel?
  • In Greenville County, 356 school buses transport 25,000 children every day.
  • Our buses travel more than 25,000 miles per day – that’s more than a trip around the world, every day!

Each child’s safety is the number one priority for school bus drivers and aides.Greenville County Schools is celebrating the outstanding performance of our 450 bus drivers (including subs) and 110 aides during National School Bus Safety Week, October 21 through 25, 2013. Bus drivers are the first staff members many students see in the morning, and the atmosphere on the school bus can set the tone for the rest of a student’s day

Eight-year veteran driver James Zimmerman explained that each child’s safety is a bus driver’s number one priority. “My job is to keep my eyes on the road, watch the traffic, and pay attention to other drivers. The aide is an important part of the team because they help the driver maintain safe driving while paying attention to the traffic,” he said.

What’s the best part of a bus driver’s day? For James, a driver’s day is considered extra-special “when students come out of their homes to get on the bus with smiles on their faces.

Thank you, Greenville County Schools bus drivers, for your care and compassion for the students!

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