Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Years in a Row! GCS ACT College Entrance Score Exceeds State and National Averages

Greenville County Schools’ seniors have outperformed the state and national averages on the American College Test (ACT), one of two major college entrance tests, for five consecutive years.

The GCS Class of 2013 posted an average score of 21.8 out of a possible 36 points, an increase of half a percentage point over the 2012 average score of 21.3. ACT considers a change of three-tenths of a point or more to be statistically significant.

The state average of 20.4 for all students increased by two-tenths of a percentage point from last year’s average of 20.2, while the national average fell slightly from 21.1 to 20.9.

"The ACT test provides an excellent assessment of what students have learned in high school and their readiness for college course work,” said Superintendent W. Burke Royster. “Our students’ performance on the ACT test clearly shows the result of hard work and academic achievement by our students, as well as the outstanding efforts of our teachers.”

The ACT is a test of curriculum-based and classroom-based achievement, meaning the ACT tests what students have learned.  For the first time, time-extended accommodated students are included in the report, making the 2013 data the new baseline to which future years’ data can be directly compared.

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